Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Emergency Notifications

Today I am presenting to our district level administration on Emergency Notification Systems. They have been in the news a bunch lately at the university level because of recent tragedies. But they can do more.

I am trying to maintain my focus on students and instruction. How do these systems help in that respect? The systems can notify parents of ANYTHING. Food service balances, attendance, special events, school closings, and emergencies. Research shows a 2% increase in attendance when the systems are used. Keeping parents and kids involved in school in every possible way is a gain in my book!

The notifications can go out by phone, SMS, and email and are relatively instant. This means not having someone making 75 phone calls all day long. That translates to more time and resources focused on helping students and teachers do a better job. My hope is that we can implement something like this by the end of the year.

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